Independent Investors


Independent Investors Corporation, a not-for-profit organization, was founded to address investment illiteracy which costs Americans billions of dollars every year.


Most people equate "illiteracy" with poverty, but when it comes to investment illiteracy, there are no socio-economic boundaries.  We consistently witness intelligent, successful, and highly educated individuals making very poor investment decisions.


These individuals universally demonstrate a lack of understanding of some of the most basic concepts of investing and the investment process - even though nearly all of them have access to leading financial services firms.


Illiterate investors are easy prey for the financial services industry, and these firms have a vested interest in keeping investors in the dark.  Some firms may offer investor education, but the reality is that their "education" is a way to sell you their services or products, nothing short of conflicted advice.


In a world without pension plans, today everyone is an investor by default.  Yet individuals seeking investment advice are forced to seek that advice directly from the point of sale.  A 2015 White House report concluded that conflicted advice costs investors $17 billion each year for IRA accounts alone.


Our organization is totally independent.  We have unmatched, hands-on investment experience and are exclusively dedicated to promoting the interest of independent investors through education and awareness campaigns.



Independent Investors Corporation

A not-for-profit organization